You just watch..

Sometimes (most of the time) I lose sight of just enjoying watching Jesus do His thing. It’s like this..

When Jesus and the disciples found out they had 5,000 hungry people on their hands, Jesus turned to Philip and asked how they were going to feed everyone. I’m not sure what kind of person Philip was, but I’m guessing he started freaking out right about then. I would have. “Jesus wants me to figure out how to feed all these people??” “How would I know?” “What am I going to do?” “Why is he asking me?” “All these people are counting on me now! I have to solve this problem.”

But there’s a cool little sentence that tells me what Jesus was up to.. “This He was saying to test (Philip), for He Himself knew what He was intending to do.” (John 6:7)

All along Jesus knew what He was intending to do! He sure was going to feed those people and He had a plan to do it!

So here’s the thing. What if Jesus never intended for Philip to come up with the solution? What if Jesus asked Philip that question so that Philip would realize his own inability, his insufficiency, his need? So that Philip would be realizing his inability while looking at Jesus’ ability? I’m guessing Philip tried to think of solutions, probably started realizing that he just couldn’t do it and then..
Jesus came through. In all His glory and majesty and ability and trustworthiness and abundance, He came through, knowing all along what He intended to do. He fed those people like He knew He was going to.

It’s like Jesus was saying to Philip, and also says to me, “What are you going to do about this? What are you going to do about this issue? This problem? This unknown?”

But I think He has a specific answer in mind: “What are you going to do about this? I’ll tell you what you’re going to do.. You’re going to trust me and you’re going to watch me work!”

Yes, my action and responsibility plays a part. And oftentimes I am called to make a careful decision, to use my brain to solve a problem, to use my resources to help a hurting world. BUT God knows what He wants to do and He knows how He’s going to do it. And He wants all the credit! I need to just keep my eyes on Him. I’m so silly trying to figure things out on my own when I just need to sit back, watch Jesus go, and delight in His power and His plan. And I get the joy and honor of serving such a God as He brings me up into that plan!

I want
to keep my eyes peeled for God doing His thing
to trust Him
to watch Him
and then be swept up in what He’s doing in my life and in this world


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