Hand-eye coordination

We had a frisbee game tonight. Let’s just stop for a moment and think about hand-eye coordination. 

While you’re thinking, for those of you who care, we won our game and advance to the championship game next week (yay!). 

Anyway, back to hand-eye-coordination.. It’s incredible. Nearly unbelievable. Through the course of our season this summer I’ve thrown and caught the frisbee probably a few hundred times, and 90% of the time I catch the disc. The fact that my brain is so consistent at successfully telling my body how to catch it is amazing!

Think about what it takes for my brain to see the disc coming, estimate where it’s going to come, maybe account for a little wind, simultaneously run a couple steps to line up for the catch, watch it come, and finally my brain tells my hands where to go to lay my fingers on the 1-inch rim of the moving frisbee. My eyes never leave the frisbee. My eyes never see my hands or check to see where my hands are or even watch as my hands make the catch. That’s crazy! Does this amaze anyone else as it does me?! How does my brain know all of that? I guess after a couple decades of living inside this body, my brain has a pretty good idea of how long my arms are and how they move. 

I don’t ever want to be unamazed by the everyday (but extraordinary) things in life.. like hand-eye coordination. 


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