He loves me because He loves me.

Today I moved back to one of my many homes on planet earth – sweet little Lexington, KY (TN treated me to some gorgeous days as a going-away gift and I had such a wonderful summer there being with my family). The Bluegrass Fellows program is my first post-college adventure and I am excited for the next several months here! Life is crazy. Change is scary. New is exciting. Change might be scary, but the possibilities that come with anything new is simply exciting! Possibilities for change, growth, loving and knowing people, new ideas, revelation, learning, adventure. New is good! And I’m ready!

It definitely took me a while to get to the point of being ready, but God’s faithfulness to bring me along has been astounding. He is so faithful! It’s hard to believe. He is faithful to guide me, to teach me, to bring along my emotions, to put things in my days that show me love in ways I feel deeply, to save me and forgive me, to encourage me, to teach me the same things over and over again. He is so faithful to me and I am so often unfaithful to Him and neglect Him. But He is STILL so good and unbelievably faithful. It’s who He is.

If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself. (2 Timothy 2:13)

Why is God faithful to me? Because it’s what He does. It’s who He is. So He will never stop. Never. No conditions. 

Let’s play the 2-year-old game (aka: the game of asking “why”)…
Why does He love me?
Because He loves me. 
Because He loves me.
But why?
Because He loves me.

But really! He loves me because He loves me because He loves me. It’s who He is and it has nothing to do with me! Unconditional love is based on the character and overflow of the heart of the lover and has nothing to do with who the beloved is or what they do or don’t do. And that is the love of God. I know it, I believe it, I hope it’s how I love others. But I don’t know if my heart always rests in that love. 

He loves me today. Why? Because He loves me. 
He’ll love me tomorrow. How can I know that? Because He loves. 
But I don’t know what I will do tomorrow or who I will be. Doesn’t matter. He’ll love me.

And so the faithfulness and love of Christ never ceases to amaze me. I’m excited for the Fellows program and for the next couple years of life and He’s been faithful to me in so many ways to get me to this point. So happy Wednesday evening from me, settled back in Lexington and ready to go 🙂



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