Words worth sharing

Ernest Hemingway said, “Write hard and clear about what hurts,” and I say “okay!” and I write about what hurts, what I love, and everything I think about in between. For every 1,000 thoughts I think, I choose to speak 10 of them. For every 10 pages I write, 1 seems to make sense. Hemingway says to write “hard and clear,” but that clarity in writing has evaded me. Instead, it feels like word vomit all over my page or dry, lifeless words that bore me when I read them – either way, not something that makes sense or is worth sharing. But I’m all for sharing good words and good ideas, no matter who they belong to.

Today at work I found something worth sharing!

I have been working with this woman for just over a year now. She has put up with my singing in the car, frequent snacking, and learning curve when I first started the job.. My second week on the job I accidentally locked her and my keys in the car after a trip to Walmart and she sat in the car for quite a while before I got my spare key. For some reason she decided to keep me around after that and today, over a year later, I found out that she also loves writing.

She showed me a book full of poems that she had written over the past 15 years and I had the privilege of reading them. I told her she should send one in somewhere and she gave me the honor of using one of her poems on my blog. We narrowed it down to two of her favorites and I couldn’t help but publish both of them. Enjoy the two poems below.

Who I am
by Shelley Lane

I am a handicap girl
With cerebral palsy.
I never give up at something
if I feel that is the right thing to do.
Sometimes I get down on myself
for being handicap,
and I cry,
but through the years,
I’ve learned to overcome certain
obstacles in my life despite my
disability and it isn’t always easy for me.
I always try my best!
Sometimes i just want to give up,
but I know i can’t
because i am too resilient!
Sometimes I am crazy and forgetful.
But I have friends who love me
and encourage me constantly.
And they know where I stand!
It’s all a part of me
and that’s who i am!

I am
by Shelley Lane

I am a resilient girl who never gives up.
I wonder if there ever will be peace in the world.
I hear children crying for food because they are starving.
I see children walking around with bare feet.
I want to help the children and show them the way of human kindness.
I am a resilient girl who never gives up.
I pretend to be an angel watching life pass the children by.
I feel the children’s sad eyes looking up at me.
I touch a child’s hand.
I worry if the children would ever find a good home with loving parents.
I cry when another child dies.
I am a resilient girl who never gives up.
I understand that love is the only house,
big enough for all the pain in the world.
I say, let there be peace in the world.
I dream of doing something for the children one day.
I try to get more people involved in sponsoring a child.
I hope that all the children come to know God.
I am a resilient girl who never gives up.


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