listen up, my soul

I stumbled upon this today and liked it. Sometimes it just takes some time to become friends with something you’ve written 🙂

Hey, this stops today.
This racing heart, fuzzy mind,
clamped jaw, shaky hands.

Listen up, my soul,
my body-affecting soul,
I speak this to you.

This will stop today,
this untrusting heart I have,
fretting mind and all.

Fight for joy, my soul.
The King of the cross didn’t say,
“figure this all out.”

That is not your job.
That is the job of your King,
of your true Lover.

Watch what He will do.
You need only take steps,
and then be quite still.

He has proven it.
Be amazed at what He does,
not what you cannot.

So laugh, my dear self.
Speak, soul, to your body-friend,
to chill the heck out.

This life is His stage,
don’t dare miss the show, and wait!
Even now He moves.



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