Love me loudly 

She wrote back, “Thank you. I just need to be loved extra loud sometimes.” As if we don’t all need to be loved extra loud sometimes. It’s what friends do.

More love, for everyone, always. Even if it’s awkward or hard. No one ever needs less love, they may just need it in a different way.

Sometimes we need to be loved loudly, with truthful words that carry weight and come with a shake to the shoulders. Sometimes we need to be loved softly and gently, with tenderness that recognizes our fragility.

We breathe and give grace and things called chances: “I don’t require that you hit a home run. I just want you to step up to the plate.” Perfection is not what we want.

Love me loudly, because I need hard truths.
Love me softly, because my heart is tender.
Love me without conditions, because none of us can earn love.
Love me with your arms, because I am human.
Love me with sacrifice, because I know not my worth.
Love me with honor, because I am a prized possession.
Love me with words, because I cannot read your mind.
Love me despite your anger, because love is above emotions.
Love me through service, because we were made to find joy in serving one another.
Love me with your presence, because we weren’t meant to do life alone.
Love me out of the reservoir of love in Jesus Christ, because I know no other source of true love.


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