People and land 

“Oh I remember that!” I looked over at the women who had spoken, then back at the photo in front of us. It was a photo of the dedication of the train station here 50 years ago. I took my time as I wandered through the exhibit of newspaper articles and photos from the past 95 years. The life-stories of the people around us will always be the most interesting history book. These newspapers don’t tell my history, but they do tell hers. It’s not a textbook or ancient tales. It’s real life and it happened to that woman. 
My physical therapist decided to give me some life advice this week and told me to return to “my land” as soon as I can, to return to “my people” to settle down. He spoke from life experience and told me his story. Land and people and family mean something. Where we settle and love and raise children mean something.

The Spaniards aren’t my people, nor is this my land. But I love these people and this land has enchanted me and for the time being, I’m honored to carry a corner of their beautiful land in this heart of mine and equally happy to give part of my heart to it. 


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