I get to be with little ones every week and it brings me joy! Motherhood is beautiful and good work, and I desire to be a mom someday, whether I carry my own children or adopt them or foster them. But I also fear being a mom because I acknowledge how hard it is and what it requires of you. Until it’s my turn to do this self-sacrificing, hard, beautiful, tearful, joyful, tiring, most necessary of jobs, I’ll keep loving other womens’ children and I’ll keep being amazed by and applauding the work mothers do. Until I have my own babies, I raise my glass to every mom out there.

Here’s to all of you. Your job is one of the most challenging, most involved, and most important in this world. Children are important work because people are valuable and precious. Keep going, and do your work well. You shape the lives of children, who become adults. You give life and love, even if you didn’t carry your own children. Young men and women are crafted under your care, and you nurture their souls. No really good thing is accomplished quickly, and motherhood is perhaps the prime example of long perseverance in a good work. You truly have a hand in the world we live in, because you raise the men and women who inhabit it. Your mistakes in motherhood are not fatal – they are part of humanity and your children learn from you when you ask forgiveness; they learn from your attitude, your resilience, and from the grace you give yourself and to them.

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