We are rich

It struck us — our aliveness, the grand adventure and our small part in it.

“We are so rich,” I said, somewhere between a whisper and a declaration.

Sitting down for lunch in Caceres, the soft spring sun sifting through the leafy roof above, my toes tapping a rhythm in my warm shoes. I listened to the birds and the humans nearby, chattering and singing, and heard our own conversation, full of kindness, truth, and laughter. The privilege of making hard decisions, the richness of loving even if it means heartache. People who care with their good questions and their arms that hold.

I bent my neck to see the flowers painted on a stunning blue background — real life artwork that waves in the breeze. We filled our bellies with food and our minds with words.

We are so rich. You mean I get Jesus Christ AND all this too?

La imagen puede contener: 1 persona, sonriendo, cielo, planta, árbol, exterior y naturaleza


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