When God loves me through kickball

My God knows the way to my heart. Some days are hard, some times are dry. He knows my heart so well and knows how to love me and speak to me when I don’t respond to Him in traditional ways. My sweet Savior knows better than anyone how to love me best because He knows exactly what I need and when I need it. And I see Him in those gifts.

He knows how to get to me.

He knows what will affect my heart.

He knows what I will respond to.

He knows how to sustain my soul.

Yesterday I had my alone time with God and the Bible, but my fickle heart did not hear Him or respond to Him during that time yesterday. Soaking in Scripture is still important no matter the emotion I feel, but God wonderfully and graciously showed me His love in other ways yesterday..

Yesterday God spoke to me through an unexpected lunch date with friends.
Yesterday I saw God in kickball with kids.
Yesterday I heard God in timely written words.
Yesterday God gave me joy in sick frisbee catches and awesome defense.
Yesterday I felt God loving me through sunshine and hugs.

And I received it all as love from Jesus. They aren’t things that satisfy me instead of Jesus. It’s not like I didn’t find satisfaction in Jesus and instead found satisfaction in having lunch or playing frisbee. They’re things that I see Him giving me and saying, “I love you too much to only love you in one way, so how about this today?” It’s still Him doing the satisfying.

Sometimes when I feel dull and I don’t hear God or see Him as I normally do, He might give His love to me in ways that say, “I know you deeply and I know what your heart needs right now. I care about you and I’m giving you these little things because I love you. Even if you don’t see me in that, I’ll let you see me and feel my love as you take joy in this.”

“For he satisfies the longing soul,
    and the hungry soul he fills with good things.”

– Psalm 107:9


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