squats and spandex

Squat. I am supposed to write a response to this one word?? If I could insert an emoji, I would insert the pensive/thinker emoji-man. But emojis are a cop-out for coming up with good words. I do love them, though. Anyway, squat.

The first thing that came to mind is athletics: squats with body weight, yoga squats, squats with a weighted bar. Squats in the weightroom – not my favorite way to challenge my body. I would rather run or swim or do yoga or play frisbee or zumba or kickbox.. but I don’t have an interest in hours in the weightroom and bulging muscles.

Buuuut, there is something great about feeling the burn in your legs and the definition of your quads. What a huge group of muscles, and they do nearly everything. Think about what our legs are in charge of. Well, our heart muscle is in charge of more important things, but the legs do so much! That big huge group of muscles on our thighs is so great and helpful, and bulky for a reason. I appreciate them and I appreciate my legs.

I introduced a friend of mine to spandex. Well, I didn’t introduce her. She was already acquainted with spandex but wore them under regular shorts when we went running while I trotted around in only  my spandex shorts. I’m not sure when I started wearing spandex shorts or decided that I felt fine running around town in them, but there is one thing I know about spandex – there’s no going back now that I’ve started wearing them. I convinced my friend to give them a chance without shorts on top. It’s like running naked except better because your legs don’t rub together, and for some of us, that’s a reality of life. It’s okay, we’ve figured out ways (like spandex) to deal with this small annoyance of life.

So spandex. They’re useful because your legs don’t rub together and people can’t see all the way up your shorts if your jumping for a frisbee or laying down doing abs. They’re useful but they’re far beyond only useful. They sit on your hips a little bit like a really good-fitting pair of pants and unforgivingly but comfortably hug your legs. My friend finally went for a run in just spandex: “My legs feel so strong!” she said. Yes! We love spandex because they make us feel that muscles bulge but legs are slender. Bodies feel more real and runs feel faster. Our very own LEGS are here and we see them and feel them and the muscles inside are what carry us through the city mile after mile. Spandex shorts make our bodies easier to feel and easier to appreciate. We aren’t a column of flapping-fabric running down the street, we are power, tight body and solid muscle. This is my body under this spandex, and it and I are going on a run.

via Daily Prompt: Squat


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