Read a Psalm and go to bed

Spanish ham toast and coffee make me smile 😋

I feel like I’ve been running on melatonin, coffee, handfuls of chocolate, and a few tissues these past few days. There are worse things to live off of, I know.

Jet lag teamed up with an overwhelmed heart and an overloaded mind to get the best of me. Smaller things come together to create a perfect storm.. or as they would say in Spanish, “se junta todo.”

So I’m doing what I can to be awake and asleep at the right times and rein in my emotions that tend to run especially amok when I’m tired.

The bad thing about sharing what you write is that your friends can throw your own words back in your face. 😉 Or maybe I should say that your friends can gently remind you of your own words when you need them. One sweet friend told me yesterday, “I think someone said once that it’s okay to not be okay.”

Alright, let me guess: Me. I said that. Got it.

And it IS okay to not be okay, but it’s just so uncomfortable when you’re there! However, I’ll sit in the not-okayness for now, talking to my own soul when it needs truth, calling it always upward toward rejoicing, but not rushing the process.

Speaking of my own words coming back to me, I remind myself frequently of advice I’ve given to friends when they’re not okay: “Read a Psalm and go to bed.” I think it’s pretty good advice, if I do say so myself.

A Psalm to still my heart, to draw me back to the centering greatness, power, and kindness of God and the littleness of me. And a good night of sleep to change my perspective. The need for sleep is a gift that God gives me to remind me of my human frailty and at the same time equip me to handle life with a bit more energy, grace, patience, and poise than I can without sleep.

A Psalm, a good night of sleep, and the constant reminder that it’s okay and I’ve got Jesus and life with Him is sweet.


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